Comfort Pro, Inc. Cares is an annual event that happens each year at the beginning of October. We decided back in 2010 that we wanted to give the “gift of heat” to a deserving person or family for the holidays. We knew we had to give it a name, so everyone in the company and community could embrace it and help us make it a reality… we named it Comfort Pro, Inc. Cares.

As of now, we’ve provided 11 brand new Lennox heating systems, averaging at around $5,000 each.

Before and After New Furnace Installation - Comfort Pro, Inc

We feel that no household should go without heat and want to help however we can. With the help of everyone in the Comfort Pro, Inc. family, the local community, and the local media outlets, we have made it a successful annual event.

But it’s not just the company that “Cares”…our employees do too. Between the social media support and local media outlets, we’d never be able to get the word out in time for the final event. We’re very grateful for everyone’s support!

The next Comfort Pro, Inc. Cares event begins in October. When submissions begin, you can nominate yourself or someone else that you feel is in need of a heating system. We narrow the list down to 3 nominees with the help of a board of community members. Then we visit each home and meet each family to make our final decision. Keep in mind that Comfort Pro, Inc. Cares was designed with the idea of helping a person or family who might be experiencing hardships and needs a helping hand with heating their home.

Mother with two daughters in living room

We look forward to many years of giving “the gift of heat” each holiday season in our local community!