Comfort Pro, Inc., Inc. provides commercial duct cleaning for business in Reading, PA and the surrounding areas. We are a family-owned and operated company with a focus on the customer’s needs. With our HEPA-AIRE vacuum system, we can safely remove any contaminants in your ductwork, and we have experience with various brands, including, but not limited to:

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Why Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Have you ever wondered why your heating and air conditioning system used to blow out a lot more air? Does your building have a noticeably different smell than it used to? It’s possible that your ducts are in need of serious cleaning.

Indoor Air Quality Services - Comfort Pro Inc. HVAC systems require maintenance, regardless of how often they are used. Dirt and debris will build up inside your ducts over time. Each HVAC system requires filter cleaning/replacements, duct cleaning, and even the occasional part replacement and adjustments. Neglecting to maintain these systems can have nasty consequences, such as polluted air being distributed throughout your building, potentially causing employees to become sick. It’s a chain of bad events that could be easily avoided with routine cleaning and maintenance.

Your commercial ductwork gathers dirt, dust, allergens, and a host of bacteria that are just waiting for that perfect breeze to come along and pick them up. Besides the health problems that can occur, you also need to be wary of potential energy losses. Ductwork in need of a thorough cleaning has buildup all throughout, providing for less space for the air to flow through. An efficient system, however, saves energy, which in turn saves you money.

Commercial Duct Cleaning Process

  • After contacting us, we’ll provide you with a free quote
  • Next, we’ll come out to your commercial establishment and examine the ducts
  • With the assistance of our heavy-duty HEPA-AIRE equipment, we’ll clear out any dust and debris in your ducts
  • Your building becomes safer and more efficient; ongoing maintenance is recommended

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