Comfort Pro, Inc. WatchDog Maintenance Plan is a proactive and convenient way for you to budget your maintenance needs, while greatly limiting unpredictable and costly emergency situations. It is a fact that regularly maintained equipment equals improved efficiencies and less unpredictable breakdowns.

The WatchDog Maintenance Plan includes two precision inspections per year. Plus, should you need service, you will receive a 10% Discount on all repairs and a Free Travel/Diagnostic Fee. We will visit your home in the Spring for a 17 Point Precision Spring Inspection and in the Fall for a 25 Point Precision Fall Inspection.

Your employees, customers, and clients alike expect a comfortable environment. Productivity and safety depend on having reliable HVAC systems. That’s why many businesses sign up for our WatchDog Maintenance Plan. Let us ensure your heating and cooling equipment is ready to keep your business cozy so you can focus on what you do best!

Watch Dog Maintenance Plans - Comfort Pro

WatchDog Maintenance Plans

WatchDog Advantages: GOLD
Priority Service
Free Travel/Diagnostic Fee ($99.00 value)
Free 17 Point Precision Spring Tune-Up
Free 25 Point Precision Fall Tune-Up
10% Discount on Repair Service
No Overtime Charges (Including Holidays)
Agreement is Transferable
Protection of Manufacturer’s Warranty
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
1 lb. of Refrigerant for Life of Equipment
Electronic Refrigerant Leak Search
Room Thermostat
D C Motors
All External and Internal Wiring
Breakers to Equipment
Condensate Pump
Drain Line

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