Water heaters in residential and commercial properties are complex machines. Regular maintenance increases the life of the heater and reduces the need for costly repairs. Comfort Pro, Inc. provides a range of water heater repair services, including inspections, parts replacement and anode rod repairs. When you choose us, you can count on expertise. Our team of professionals provides quality, 24-hour water heater repair for families in the Reading, PA area.
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Water Heater Repair and Servicing

Water heaters have many components that should be regularly inspected and maintained. For example, the heater’s anode rod can become rusted over time, which leads to corrosion inside the water heater tank. If left unattended, a corroded water tank will need to be replaced. Regular water heater maintenance can prevent a problem like this from happening.

Comfort Pro, Inc. provides a range of water heater maintenance and repair services, including:
  • Water Heater Insulation: Insulating old heaters can reduce water heating costs by 10 percent
  • Anode Rod Replacement: This vital heater part wears down over time and can quickly be replaced
  • Water Heater Inspections: Annual inspections are recommended for both home and commercial water heaters
  • Water Heater Leak Repair: Leaks can cause extensive water damage and they should be repaired quickly

Do you have a leaky water heater? Are you having problems with hot water? We provide expert, on-call water heater service to families in Reading, PA and beyond.

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