August 29, 2013

The summer season is ending and we are soon approaching fall and winter. With these seasons comes the cold weather and you don’t want to find out you’re without heat when it’s too late! Keeping your heat system serviced and repaired is more than just a suggestion in our eyes. Since you don’t use your heating system until it’s cold, you have no idea if it will actually turn on or not. Most people don’t understand that when you don’t use the system for so long it will put an extreme strain on it when the time comes to crank up the heat. If your furnace, boiler, central heating system, or hot water heater has broken or if you just don’t want to risk breaking your heating system with because of the strain, then here are some tips for preparing homes for fall. These tips include miscellaneous house chores and changes we recommend that aren’t always in connection to your HVAC system.

  • Heater Repair and Servicing – No doubt this is the best thing to do if you want to save some time and jump straight into the heat of things. Servicing and repairing your heating system can save you a large sum of cash in the long-run because, for example, if your filter isn’t changed, you could damage other interior parts (such as a blower motor) that are significantly more expensive to replace than just a filter. Find out if your heating system is ready for this season by getting it looked at and fixed before that time comes.
  • Lock Up and Seal Up – Do a quick once-over of your home and find any cracks and damage in your walls, windows, and doors. This is particularly useful for those looking to save energy and money on their bill each month; however, it’s also useful for anyone who wants to keep their home at a temperature that’s easier to maintain. If you find cracks or drafts anywhere in your home, seal it up because it will save you loads of money and make your home much more comfortable than it was before. While you’re performing your window maintenance, try to insulate your windows to ensure higher efficiency. As a bonus, your heating system will have a little less work to do, reducing your chance it will break. Lastly, your home will be much more secure from critters and rodents seeking a new home.
  • Clear Out the Gutters – Your gutters are likely to be clogged soon by the falling leaves, but it’s a good idea to keep ahead of the game and clear them out now, and regularly. Without clear gutters, water will clog up and cause an overflow and will eventually cause damage to your home, gutters, and surrounding lawns/gardens. Clean these out to allow for the rain and snow that’s sure to come.
  • Storm Windows and Doors – Your screens will be virtually useless in the times to come, so it’s time to change them out for storm windows and doors. Your storm windows will keep out the cold air and keep in the hot air much more efficiently than a screen.
  • Prepare Your Water Heater– Over time your water heater builds up debris on the bottom. Drain your hot water heater, and then remove any sediment from the bottom of the tank. If this sediment remains for an extensive period of time, you can face a poorer performing hot water heater and possible future repairs that are easily avoided with proper maintenance.

Preparing homes for fall can be a tedious list of chores to do, but will save you money and keep you warmer in the cold seasons. Winter is a relentlessly cold season for Pennsylvania, especially if you live in areas with a lot of pine trees that block out the sun from heating your home. Be prepared and get your heating systems serviced and repaired ASAP to prevent those freezing cold nights with no heat.

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