November 12, 2019

Winter can bring with it high energy costs, and many homeowners seek ways to limit those big bills and optimize their energy efficiency this winter. At Comfort Pro, Inc. in Reading, we offer a full range of heating services and have some basic recommendations that apply to all homes and homeowners.

Fall Tune-Up

Schedule a professional tune-up in early autumn before the real cold sets in. Your technician can conduct a multipoint inspection of the system, perform maintenance and make recommendations that can stave off any unfortunate surprises during winter.

Set Your Ceiling Fans Properly

Ceiling fans can play an important role in distributing warmed air throughout your home. Warm air rises, but fans set to a clockwise direction push that air back down. A home with adequate ceiling fans can have the thermostat set to about 5 degrees lower than a similar home without them.

Filter Replacement as Needed

Dirty filters can have a surprisingly big effect on heating costs. To avoid any inefficiencies, check them once a week, and swap them out as soon as you notice that sheen of trapped dust particles.

Consider Localized Heating

Local heat sources can be a great way to achieve ideal comfort without excessively heating the entire home. A zoned system is the most modern way to do so, but you can also use natural sunlight, fireplaces and space heaters to get the local heat you need.

Smart Temperature Selection

Rather than have one target temperature, you should have several or more depending on how you use your home. You can, for instance, have a target temperature for while you sleep, are at work and are actually in the home. A great way to do this is with a programmable—or better yet, smart—thermostat. Such products often pay for themselves in the first winter alone.

Your Comfort Solution

Comfort Pro, Inc. in Reading not only specializes in home heating, but we also offer air conditioning services, geothermal solutions, duct cleaning, and indoor air quality services. Contact us at your convenience to learn more about these services and to schedule an appointment to optimize your energy efficiency.

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