March 7, 2019

Regular HVAC maintenance is key to minimizing your heating/cooling costs and ensuring the maximum lifespan of your current equipment. Well, how about a program that provides the maintenance you require but at the lowest price possible? Enter the WatchDog plan.

WatchDog Plan

WatchDog stands for preventative annual comfort test, and the WatchDog plan is an annual maintenance program that includes that testing but also many other services throughout the year. As a WatchDog member, you are a priority customer who receives a:

  • 17-point spring tune-up
  • 25-point fall tune-up
  • 10-percent discount on all repairs
  • Waiver for all travel, diagnostics and overtime fees

WatchDog Plus

WatchDog Plus is a parts and labor agreement that you can add to your maintenance plan. By adding this feature, Comfort Pro Heating & Air Conditioning will cover all of the internal working parts of your system. Should any of those parts falter or fail, our technicians will replace them at no additional cost to you. In addition, you’ll receive free refrigerant (up to 1 pound) for the life of your system.

Premium WatchDog Plus

The premium plan is the next step up, and it adds a lot of additional testing and protections to your coverage. You’ll receive protection for your drain line and condensate pump as well as all breakers to the equipment and all internal and external wiring.


Comfort Pro Heating & Air Conditioning is now offering WatchDog maintenance plans at bronze, silver and gold tiers. This is the new branding for the plans described above, and it’s a change made in the hopes of making everything clearer and more straightforward for our customers. Bronze is the basic WatchDog plan. Silver is WatchDog Plus, and gold is Premium WatchDog Plus.

Quality Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

In addition to HVAC maintenance, Comfort Pro Heating & Air Conditioning in Reading, PA, offers a broad range of residential services. These include repair, installation, duct cleaning, indoor air quality and much more. If you have any questions about our WatchDog maintenance plans or would like to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us today online or by telephone.

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