August 10, 2022
AC install in Reading, PA

Your home’s HVAC system is essential to your family’s comfort and safety. Trying to sell your home with an old or outdated HVAC system can be difficult if not outright impossible. No one wants to have to replace the furnace or air conditioner in a property they just purchased. Here are three reasons why an HVAC upgrade will add to your home’s equity.

Better Energy-Efficiency

Many buyers are looking for homes with excellent energy efficiency. They don’t want to move to a property that will increase their monthly utility bills. An HVAC upgrade boosts the system’s energy efficiency and lowers its impact on the environment. A home with a low carbon footprint is also highly desirable.

Upgraded Air Filtration

Poor indoor air quality can quickly chase potential buyers away. New HVAC systems can use higher-quality filters that can pull more contaminants, debris and bacteria out of the air. This is an especially attractive feature to families with at-risk loved ones like children or older family members. Being able to use quality MERV filters will draw in more prospective buyers.

Central Heating and cooling

One of the best ways to boost your home’s equity is by investing in a central air system. This upgrade can often be expensive because it requires you to install new ductwork. However, it also allows you to significantly increase your home’s selling price.

Premium Indoor Comfort Team

Comfort Pro, Inc. is here to answer all your heating and cooling questions in Reading, PA. Our expert technicians have the professional training and experience to handle any furnace or air conditioner issue. We always deliver prompt, reliable service with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Rely on us to repair or install your new heating or cooling system. Our friendly team can also maintain and improve your AC or indoor air quality and clean your ductwork. You can always call Comfort Pro, Inc. for 24/7 help during an HVAC emergency. Contact us today for premium HVAC service.

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