December 20, 2022
HVAC Unit in Reading, PA

Reading, PA and nearby areas usually get plenty of snow, along with some ice and mixed wintry precipitation during the winter season. Many homeowners wonder if they should cover their HVAC system to protect the equipment from the harsh conditions. Let’s take a look at the best ways to care for the outdoor components of your HVAC system.

AC Units

During the wintertime, you won’t need to run your air conditioner. There is no need to cover the unit. If doing so would give you some peace of mind, only cover for the top of the unit. This stops ice, snow and branches from getting into the unit’s housing. Avoid covers that encase the air conditioner or cover its sides. Encasing the unit like this could cause problems with rodents or mold.

Window AC Unit

If your home has a window AC unit for a finished attic, workshop or other space, remove it at the end of the summer. Leaving it in place could damage the unit and render it inoperable next summer. The moisture buildup could also cause air quality problems. Store the unit in a dry place until you need it.

Heat Pumps and Mini Splits

Do not cover heat pumps or mini splits during the wintertime. Heat pumps have a reversing valve that allows them to heat your home during the winter. The unit must remain uncovered so that it can exchange air with the outdoors. Heat pumps are made to withstand extreme winter weather.

If you don’t need HVAC system maintenance right now, we also offer air conditioner maintenance and heating and cooling repair, replacement and installation. Our geothermal systems offer year-round comfort, and our gas fireplaces keep your home cozy all winter. To enhance your well-being and comfort, we offer indoor air quality, air duct cleaning and water heater services. In addition to residential services, we also provide commercial HVAC services in Reading and nearby areas. For more information about caring for your HVAC system during the winter season, contact us at Comfort Pro today.

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