June 9, 2022
Humidity in Reading, PA

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to choosing an air conditioner for your home. Although many homeowners in Berks, Lehigh, and Schuylkill, PA are tempted to purchase the largest air conditioners they can find, doing so won’t cool their homes down efficiently. In fact, an air conditioner that’s too large for your living environment won’t reliably cool it down at all. Instead, this unit will rapidly cycle off and on, and it will also sustain accelerated wear. You’ll run into similar problems if the AC unit you choose is too small.

Why Size Matters

The size of your air conditioner in relation to the size and layout of your home determines both its efficiency and its ability to do its job well. While overly large air conditioners constantly cycle off and on, units that are too small will run all of the time. In both cases, air conditioners will struggle to create and maintain the desired indoor temperature.

Oversized and undersized air conditioners also struggle to perform well With humidity control and. Installing the wrong AC size for your home can result in excess moisture throughout the building, an increased risk of developing problems with indoor mold, and frequent cooling system breakdowns. Improper sizing can also greatly diminish an air conditioner’s lifespan.

Which Factors Determine the Right Air Conditioner Size?

The most important factor to consider when installing an air conditioner is the square footage of the service area. The capacity of air conditioners is measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs. By determining the overall size of the service area, you’ll get a basic idea of how many BTUs are necessary.

However, in addition to interior space, other factors must be accounted for as well. HVAC companies consider how much thermal heat a building is likely to absorb and retain throughout the hot season, how well insulated it is, the type of window treatments being used, and more.

For assured accuracy, Comfort Pro utilizes what is known as a Manual J load calculation. This calculation accounts for ceiling heights, square footage, the number of building occupants, and the number of windows and exterior doors. With all relevant factors accounted for, a Manual J load calculation greatly reduces the risk of choosing the wrong AC size.

Look to the Experts

At Comfort Pro, Inc., we handle air conditioner replacements all the time. We perform careful and accurate Manual J load calculations for every AC replacement project we complete. Homeowners in Reading, Exton, Lancaster, Allentown, Berks, Lehigh, and chester, PA can count on us to determine the perfect air conditioner type and size for their needs. We also provide air duct cleaning and indoor air quality services. Get in touch with us now to set up an appointment.

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