January 29, 2024
How Your Air Ducts Effect Your Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining your indoor air quality can help you keep your family members healthy. The air ducts are among several other factors that impact indoor air quality. Air ducts control the airflow in a house and provide suitable air temperature and fresh air for everyone living within the home. Nevertheless, this will only enhance indoor air quality if the duct system is adequately serviced. Explore how air ducts influence indoor air quality.

1. Contaminants in Air Ducts

One of the significant sources of indoor air pollution is air ducts. Dirt, dust and even pet hair can build up over time within these ducts. These contaminants circulate throughout the home each time the air conditioning or heating systems run. Inhaling these pollutants can cause respiratory problems, especially if a family member has underlying health issues, such as asthma or allergies.

2. Presence of Acoustical Fiberglass Duct Liner

Air ducts may have a liner made of acoustical fiberglass. This material sheds tiny fiberglass particles into the home’s indoor air. Inhaling these small particles will irritate the lungs and eyes. Moreover, this material traps other pollutants, such as bacteria and viruses, making them more challenging to eliminate. A professional cleaning and maintenance of the air ducts can help prevent the accumulation of these particles.

3. Reduced Airflow

If there are blockages in the air ducts due to the accumulation of dust and dirt, the ventilation system will have lower airflow efficiency. Reduced airflow will cause the air conditioning or heating systems to work harder, increasing energy consumption and utility bills. Moreover, it will prevent the home from reaching its desired temperature, making it uncomfortable for the household.

Contaminants, reduced airflow and acoustical fiberglass duct liners will negatively impact indoor air quality. To improve the indoor air quality, consider regular air duct cleaning and installing air filtration systems. Comfort Pro offers duct-cleaning services in Allentown, Berks, Lehigh, Lancaster, Montgomery and Chester. We also provide air conditioning installation, geothermal heating and cooling, and furnace installation and repair. Contact us today to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

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