May 18, 2023
HVAC systems in Reading, PA

The summer heat is just getting started here in Reading, PA, which means that reliable air conditioning might be at the top of your mind. What do you do, however, when the AC in your home isn’t working properly? Check out the following troubleshooting tips to help identify the source of the problem and some potential solutions.

1. Check Your Air Filter

Believe it or not, dirty air filters are one of the most common causes of AC malfunctions. A dirty air filter leaves your AC starved for airflow, limiting its ability to cool your home. When your home’s AC isn’t working as it should, make the air filter the first thing you check.

2. Check Your Thermostat Settings

Modern thermostats have countless features that aren’t as straightforward as they might seem. That makes it easy for an errant thermostat setting to cause an AC to seemingly malfunction. That’s why it’s a good idea to review your thermostat settings any time your AC isn’t doing what you expect. You may find that a simple setting oversight is the root of your problem.

3. Check Your Outdoor Unit

Another thing that could cause your AC to malfunction is a dirty or obstructed outdoor unit. If your AC runs but isn’t producing enough cold air, it could be because it’s having trouble expelling heat. If you notice any buildup of leave or dirt in and around your outdoor unit, turn off your AC. Look for any type of blockage to outdoor unit like leaves or other debris or call Comfort Pro, Inc.

4. Look for Power Problems

If your air conditioner won’t turn on at all, you might have a power problem. Take a look at your home’s circuit breaker panel. If any of the breakers associated with your AC have tripped, reset them. If the breaker trips again, though, leave it off and call Comfort Pro Inc. We’ll have a qualified HVAC technician take a look and find the source of your trouble.

Consult the HVAC Experts

The truth is that countless things could cause your home’s AC to malfunction, but not all of them are things you can solve on your own. When you need your AC to work, your best option is to call the experts here at Comfort Pro Inc. We offer comprehensive residential and commercial HVAC services as well as indoor air quality and water heater solutions. Call us today!

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