November 20, 2022
Child by Humidifier in Reading, PA

Maintaining a healthy level of air quality inside your home is always important. It’s imperative in the winter when families spend more time indoors. Look at several ways to improve the air quality inside a home during the winter.

Change the Air Filter on a Regular Basis

Changing the furnace’s air filter regularly is a simple task that may save you even more time and money. However, forgetting to change the filter can significantly affect the air quality inside a home. The air filter absorbs dust, pet hair, and other airborne debris, so the allergens and debris don’t recirculate throughout your home.
A professional HVAC technician can find an air filter that captures the most significant percentage of airborne particles. Plus, professionals can advise you on the best size for your furnace.

Clean the Air Ducts

Over time, the walls of the air ducts in a home accumulate dust, pet hair, spider webs, and other debris. When cleaning the air ducts, an HVAC pro removes the debris. As a result, your home’s air quality goes up because that debris is no longer circulating through the air.

Add an Air Purifier to Your Home

An air purifier removes molds, bacteria, and spores to improve indoor air quality. An air purifier can be on the job 24/7 to monitor and clean the air in your home.
A trained HVAC technician can determine what size and type of air purifier would serve the needs of your household. Some classes may include a cleansing light that can help reduce airborne diseases from spreading through the home. The light is installed into the ductwork and breaks down the antigens while they move through.
At Comfort Pro, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re proud to serve residents in Reading and the surrounding area. Our skilled HVAC technicians provide expert duct cleaning services and first-rate furnace maintenance. We have air purifiers that can help the needs of your whole home in the wintertime and beyond! In addition, we offer furnace repairs and installation work. Our talented HVAC team can take on AC installation work and repairs and maintenance services.
Contact Comfort Pro, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning today and let us improve the air quality in your home!

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