September 19, 2023
What Maintenance Does a Furnace Need?

What Maintenance Does a Furnace Need?

To keep your furnace running well, both this season and for years to come, invest in regular maintenance visits. You’ll want to have a professional service your system every autumn before the heating season begins. Doing so can improve its efficiency and guard against breakdowns. Tune-ups allow you to be proactive about your furnace’s repair needs. Through regular care, you may even be able to extend the life of your furnace.


Your heating technician will carefully examine each part of your system. The inspection will involve looking for holes in the exhaust flue, loose electrical connections, slack in the belts and bearings that are short on lubricant. These problems may seem minor, but they could indicate a potential safety concern. Plus, small issues can develop into larger repair needs over time, so it’s best to address them right away.

Minor Adjustments

If the inspection turns up small problems, your technician might fix them on the spot. That could involve securing the electrical connections or adding oil. The tech might also run various tests to make sure that the air gates are properly set — and, if needed, make adjustments. Calibrating the thermostat could be part of the tune-up process too.

Repair Recommendations

Sometimes, a maintenance visit will find a more significant heating repair need. If so, your technician will suggest the best way to approach the situation. You might need to replace a part or consider putting in a new furnace. Addressing the repair concerns before winter increases your chances of a trouble-free heating season.

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