May 13, 2021
Lennox air conditioner

If your air conditioner is producing an unpleasant odor, don’t dismiss the problem. There’s something wrong with it, and ignoring it could be costly or harmful to your health. If your home smells when your air conditioner comes on, identifying the scent can help diagnose what the problem is.

Broken Motor or Circuit Panel Short

If your home smells like something is burning when your AC system is running, it probably is. A motor could be broken or a circuit panel might have shorted out. You should turn off the power to your AC system at the breaker box. If the smell persists, call your fire department. Your next step is to call an HVAC company for repair.

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Clogged Condensate Pipe

If you smell something like stinky feet, it’s likely that your AC system’s evaporator coils are dirty and the condensate pipe is clogged. Stagnant water in your AC system will cause your whole home to stink. Your AC system needs to be professionally cleaned.

Fluid Leak

There are fluids in your air conditioning system that smell like car exhaust when they get hot. A smell like this commonly means your system has a refrigerant leak. Open your windows to ventilate your home and have an HVAC technician perform repairs.

Dead Critter

Animals can crawl into your home’s ductwork. They’ll often die there, and their corpses will produce a smell of decay when your air conditioner runs. Look inside vents to see if you can spot the body to remove it. However, you’ll probably need to call an HVAC company because they have the tools and experience to deal with the problem.

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